Position Description: Provide on-site coordination for all phases of construction projects, including coordinating subcontractors, material and equipment, ensuring that specifications are being strictly followed, and work is proceeding on schedule and within budget. Superintendent shall be responsible for scheduling, inspections, quality control, and job site safety.

Primary Responsibilities:

• Oversee and make decisions related to performance of work related to scheduling, delivery, logistics, quality control and trade employee staffing levels 

• Complete 2 week look-ahead report every week 

• Oversee work among assigned trades to promote a coordinated project operation

 • Resolve local area problems regarding procedures, precedence, design clarifications, adequate labor and equipment schedule and all other appropriate matters 

• Manage overall site safety program as required and ensure subcontractor compliance with BCMI standards and all applicable safety codes and regulations 

• Help develop Project Manager, Field Engineers, and/or Subcontractors, as assigned, including providing input on or completing performance appraisals 

• Create schedules and determine sequencing of work. Develop and implement recovery strategies to maintain project schedule 

• Communicate with owners and architects/engineers in connection with field issues. Investigate and resolve such issues 

• Manage work to ensure that it’s installed in compliance with and conforms to approved contract documents 

• Oversee all phases of a construction project from initial planning to completion 

• Coordinate construction activities of subcontractors and our own craft employees on our commercial construction projects 

• Run day-to-day operations on construction site and control short-term schedule 

• Work collaboratively with Project Managers to cooperate and share control effectively 

• Inspect work performed by employees, other contractors and sub-contractors 

• Open jobsite at beginning of day and secure jobsite at end of day 

• Review all approved submittal packages in preparation of onsite installation prior to arrival of each trade Secondary Responsibilities 

• Assist in budgeting, bidding, and awarding of subcontracts 

• Assist in obtaining permits or approval of revisions 

• Gather project material submittals and maintain records of approval at job-site 

• Identify areas of work that are outside of subcontracted scope 

• Preside at pre-construction meeting with each owner, architect and subcontractor 

• Any other task required by BCMI management